three cars


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

5 thoughts on “three cars

  1. THIS IS JUST AWESOME!!!!! How do you do it. You make me feel like I’m moving even while I am sitting still. This is so special!!! My daughter says she feel like the room is moving when she looks at your illustrations. We get the giggles and it makes us so very happy!!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Linda! Always so hopeful with a kangaroo finding it’s way too! Thank you as always from my heart. I’m listening to recordings of Ricki Lee Jones as I write…’somewhere better’ she sings…ah life! Thank you for your beautiful thoughts also. Very appreciated. jan.s


  3. Congratulations Linda on the success story at Watercolor Wednesday…
    Way to go! Just like these 3 little cars, all over, taking them by a storm!
    What rhythm and rhymes you got going here, so exciting to navigate around here it is. So wonderful 🙂
    I travel when I come here, it’s a mini dancing vacation… every time!


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