when the snow settles


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

5 thoughts on “when the snow settles

  1. Your poems always soothe the savage beast in me. They are very visual and calming. This one is like snow that drifts downward and of course settles. So peaceful. Thanks for taking time to stop by and visit my blog . I really appreciate illustrators like your self who take time to come and leave a comment. I know how busy you are and what time it takes to go blogging. Thanks so much again. I’m looking forward to what you are going to do for watercolor wednesday. I wait with baited breathe. Do you have any children’s book right now on the market or poetry books that are for sale? I would really like to get one or two or three.


  2. Linda, today’s story and drawings have brought tears to my eyes…a friend of mine is going through a great difficulty…when I can if it’s ok I’ll do a copy of your beautiful story and images and send it to him. Many thanks as always, your friend from the land of oz. jan.s


  3. You “shake that snow globe” for real and “magic appears” and this is like going to see a good movie at the “bright light cinema” 🙂 Great script Linda!
    I have another surprise for you at my blog for the “heart-felt” and “heart-warming” blog! Have a great week… with “the owl in the tree.”


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