the beautiful tooth



Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

14 thoughts on “the beautiful tooth

  1. Linda! Every time your magic fills our hearts with such joy and always poignancy! Oh that terrible feeling, not to belong and then out of nowhere someone or event ‘arrives’ and once more we’re ‘home’ again and smiling. This morning I looked into the eyes of a baby boy with blue blue eyes and he smiled and I touched his furrey little head and felt the warmth of it…ah life, toothlessness and tooth/fullness! Thank you also for visiting my site! Yes come and do a voice workshop…even better let’s do a combined one for the one toothed and three toothed! Someday! jan.s aka lotus


  2. …And it is beautiful! How lucky it is that One-Tooth-Dog has found a nice dental replacement. With bling! Though even if he were just Dog, I’d love him just the same. Hope the tooth fairy knows whose tooth that is and compensates him enormously. It is, after all, the single tooth from a singular dog, drawn by a very singular artist!


  3. Such a cute story! I’m so glad he found another tooth. And the little people saying hello and goodbye to next week and last week are such neat little details.


  4. Hello!
    I love your illustrated little stories, they are so charming and delightful! Thank you for visiting my blog, by the way 🙂


  5. A beautiful truth, oh I meant tooth is a gift for being willing to search and look.
    So fabulous these 2 dogs that share their sagas and dances 🙂
    …and YOU DO and it is SO BEAUTIFUL and LINDA!


  6. A wonderful One-Tooth Dog story… what a great character! Your continuity, and page layout are always excellent. Great integration of text and illustration! Your work brings George Herriman’s Krazy Kat to mind!


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