little foxes for you

these little foxes are for you to print out – or if you’d like me to post you a print of them, just send me an email with “little foxes” in the subject line and let me know where to post them to…

have a beautiful day!



11 thoughts on “little foxes for you

  1. Oh thank you, Linda, for the gift of the little foxes! What a wonderful little bit of sunshine next to my computer : )


  2. Well, hello, Singing Fox! So here’s where you went after you poofed away. Come sing with me.

    Linda, what a fantabulous idea and great surprise! I had to laugh out loud in delight when I saw them. Thank you so, so, so very much for these cute little foxes. They shall keep me company and make me very, very happy.


  3. These little foxes are delicious – they make me melt! Thanks for sharing them! They’re so cute and fun – I’ll print and keep them next to the computer too! (and at work, to keep the fantasy around!)


  4. I love the little foxes. Reminds me of my Foxy girl. Love swishy swoosh!


  5. Linda! So gorgeous and heart rendering! Those lovely singing foxes!


  6. What gifts you give us! Just looking makes my heart sing and dance…

    I will be printing this little fox and spreading this joy around 🙂

    THANK YOU! “TRAVEL and SING” – *Linda* –


  7. Thanks for the Little Foxes… I will print these out to guard my studio.


  8. wooo…this is great. so simple but so lovely.


  9. Hallo lovely Linda. Beautiful website. I’m sure I recognise those foxes.xx


  10. Thank you so much for the little foxes. They are so cool! Fabulous website – a breath of fresh air


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