an anywhere home


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

4 thoughts on “an anywhere home

  1. Linda! It’s another cold Bluey’s night and I’m about to turn this computer off…then I see a glimmer of light on the horizon – an anywhere home – oh you are such a precious gem bringing the stars closer to us on our journeying! Which brings to mind Shakespeare writing about the stars…I’m about to do a workshop for teenage girls on Romeo and Juliet and I’ve been re-reading Shakespeare exquisite text! Every read gets better! Your drawings and text resonate likewise…thank you linda. jan.s


  2. Your suitcase — the anywhere home — was one of the most beautiful, poetic things I’ve ever laid eyes on. And I love her par avion dress. This was sad and lovely at the same time.

    twoo twoo twoo

    Please, Linda, I beg of you. Please put your collection together and publish it so that I may sleep with your poetry under my pillow! Maybe I’ll be able to go where you go in my dreams.


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