three curls of blue smoke – for illustration friday


11 thoughts on “three curls of blue smoke – for illustration friday

  1. I apologize for entering twice this week:)


  2. Never mind! Your composisitions are so delicate, very musical, I love them.


  3. Good bye, dear fox. It was wonderful singing and dancing with you. Linda, you have me on the edge of my seat!


  4. I say it every time…magical 🙂 So wonderful! XX


  5. I love the movement of the words and the illustration—-dreamlike. I also really like her size 12 feet! : )


  6. I have to admit I’ll miss the wonderful fox… as always, a lovely illustration and story.


  7. Lovely story and amazing drawing!


  8. Awesome! I love your line work


  9. Linda! I’m always taken away from the day to day of the constants in my life and returned back into the dreaming child self who knows the world you inhabit so readily. Thank you from my heart. It’s always a joy to find your post and also to read the wonder/full responses. Much lov and good cheer from the land of songlines and dreaming. jan.s


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